Chronicle Is Doing It Right


In case you missed it, a movie about kids who gain super powers came out. It’s called Chronicle. Unlike most of the super power powered movies out there this one uses the found footage format made popular by The Blair Witch Project. A movie I incidentally hated.

Chronicle follows the story of three high school boys (Andrew, Matt and Steve) in Seattle from varying degrees of the social ladder who each gain telekinetic powers from a strange object.

So many things in this movie hit the mark. After seeing it in the theatre I can honestly say I was not disappointed. Many movies have tried (and failed) to use the found footage style of filming. Chronicle over comes the pitfalls of these other films to deliver a story that is not only believable but relatable. True, the likelihood that we will run into someone with some sort of super power is slim. But, the odds that we have known a Matt, or a Steve, or an Andrew are drastically higher. Many of us will even be able to relate to them based on our own experiences. (I personally related most with Matt, but every single one of the boys felt like they were real, living breathing people.) I was most impressed with how well they pulled off the found footage of the film. I think they used it really to their advantage and without it the movie may not have been as good.

Chronicle is a well developed movie that uses a difficult filming device to tell it’s story. And it succeeds without a doubt. Go see this movie. Especially while it is still in theaters.