Dear Ester....You Are Awesome

I have played the first 20 minutes of Dear Ester and I want more.

Most of my gaming is done through the PS3, 3DS or on rare occasion, the iPad. I consider myself lucky that my boyfriends has a PC. Usually I don’t care for PCs but that’s probably because my brother’s computer annoying me to no end. Or maybe because I will forever associate them school papers. A dark time in my life for sure.

Dear Ester makes me glad there is a PC in my house. I’m a pretty visual person and this game does not disappoint. It is absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking even.

Built using the Source engine I can’t imagine wanting it any other way. When I first saw the trailer it reminded me a lot of the Myst games (not Uru, my least favorite game in the series). All visually interesting, first person, and focused on telling you some sort of story.

Dear Ester diverges from Myst because it seems like a complete exploratory game with no ability to pick up things or need to solve manual labor puzzles. In the first twenty minutes I was able to get in of the game last night I found that all you could was walk around, zoom in on things, and drown if you go to far into the ocean. However, none of this took away the enjoyment of the game.

Playing Dear Esther is immersing yourself  in an unfolding story that seems unsettling in how desolate and previously occupied the landscape was. You are meant to experience the game rather than play it. Not just through the visuals or the fantastic soundtrack by Jessica Curry, but through the rich writing that builds the story the more you explore.

If you love storytelling this is one of the things you must experience.

Dear Esther is now available on Steam for purchase and it won’t even break the bank. Visit Dear Esther’s website for more screenshots, info on the game and it’s amazing team, and concept art. Watch the trailer below.