Harley Quinn Makeup Test - Costume Supercenter Woochie Vampire Kit

To go along with my review/tutorial on cosplaying Arkham City Harley Quinn from the Batman video games, I am going to share my make up test with you. You can read the review here or view the note I made about it on my Facebook page.

Harley Quinn's character design gives her a lighter complexion for her face instead of the more classic white paint and eye mask look. You can see pictures of this make up and costume in action here.

I tested out Costume Supercenter's vampire make up kit.

The kit comes with:

  • Three cream makeups (grey, purple, black)
  • setting powder
  • fake blood gel
  • fangs
  • latex application sponge
  • powder puff.

For Harley I used what is pictured to the left. The grey makeup, setting powder and two sponges. 

Admittedly I was concerned the makeup was not going to be white enough but I was very pleasantly surprised!

I have mentioned this before but it is IMPORTANT enough to mention it again. If you have never used a product like this (a makeup that is covering your skin in this case) you need to test it on a small patch of skin to see if you produce an allergic reaction. You DO NOT want to put something all over your face only to realize that your skin does not like it and you break out in a rash or worse. 


Let's get started! 

Step One FOUNDATION : I prepared my skin by having a clean face. This just means I had previously washed my face (about an hour before, you don't have to do it that far in advance it just worked out that way for me). I then took the Triangle sponge (white) and lightly dabbed some of the grey makeup on it and then used the same light dabbing to sponge the make up on my skin. 

Step Two SETTING: Once my face was fully covered I applied the white setting powder with the larger round sponge. I did this placing the sponge on top of the open powder bottle. Shaking the bottle so that some powder would stick to the sponge. Then, applying the powder to a section of my face at a time. This take a bit of time so take your time and make sure you apply the setting powder to your entire face. 

Step Three MASK IT: AC Harley does not have a traditional mask. Instead she has some heavy eye make up. for this I used my own makeup. First I applied some eye shadow to cover my entire lid. I then focused on my top eye lids and creating a wing at the lid corner with a small eye shadow brush for greater control. I used an eye liner pencil to line my lower eye lid and thickened the line with eye shadow again. 

Step Four SELFIE: Like a real professional it's time to put on the wig and take a couple of selfies to see just how the test came out. I think it's pretty great for a first time test! 


I was very pleasantly surprised with the make up kit and think it does a GREAT job for this version of Harley. It the grey makeup photographs very well even though it looks light in person. I recommend this kit to anyone who is looking for something similar and doesn't want or need the stark white face paint of other SFX kits.