Deadmaster - Bathing Suit - Black Rock Shooter

This costume is based on a Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master fan art found on a tumblr account that didn’t have credit as to who the artist was. I thought the art was adorable enough to turn into a cosplay!

It was fairly simple to make but involved a lot of hand details. I bought a leotard as a base with the cut that I wanted and lace that would work nicely for trim. In retrospect I could have attached the trim much better than doing it by hand but I was still very new to sewing at the time. The most difficult part was her horns that I sculpted myself and got quite a lot of compliments on! I styled the wig very simply and cut the bangs myself. I was still very new to wig styling too!


Anime North 2011


Friend Snapshots


Fan Art of Deadmaster and Black Rock Shooter in Bathingsuits. Artist Unknown