Daenerys Targaryen - Qarth Dress - Game of Thrones

For New York Comic Con 2012 a good friend of mine and I wanted to share our love of Daenerys Targaryen. She chose to do another outfit from Season 2 of the HBO show and another friend of her’s also joined us in Dothraki garb with her boyfriend as her Khal. It was a really fun time and I am very pleased with how the dress I made turned out.

I chose to make the party dress from season two because of how pretty it was and it was a nice project for me to work on while I completed two other costumes at the same time. I had made a dress similar to this before so thankfully I did not have to search for patterns to use. I used those patterns and modified them to what I needed. I hand painted the pattern on the fabric and the belt I’m wearing was cut out by hand after a pattern was created in Illustrator. I searched for beads to match the ones that she wore in the show and was lucky enough to find ones that worked well! The wig I styled and purchased from The Five Wits.


AnimeNext 2014,  Private shoot, NYCC 2012


David Ng