Devil Perfume Sakizo Illustration

I wanted to challenge myself to make something a little out of my comfort zone for my first Katsucon convention. What better way than taking on one of the incredibly detailed illustrations by the amazingly talented artist Sakizo

This costume was a real challenge for me. For one I had never made something so detailed before and it involved a corset, something I had never made also. I need to sculpthorns and make a fancy hat too.  

I made all of her accessories though i ultimately ran out of time to make the wings. I was extremely happy with how the costume turned out, especially  the very fluffy wig which I styled by using a base wig and two curly add on clips. 


Katsucon 19, Anime Next 2013, Commander's Mansion Cosplay Photoshoot


Sweet Sensation PhotographyJwaiDesign Photography, Mamuro5254 and O K Gold Photography

Commander's Mansion  Photographers: P Karpey Photography, Jay Romanus, Robbins Studios Photography and Fine Art


Art by Sakizou