Eva 3.0 Q Movie Asuka Jacket

My Love of Asuka knows no bounds. While I haven't had time to learn how to make a plugsuit (believe me it is on my MUST KNOW list) I do know how to make a jacket! I knew I could put a fun version of this outfit of her's from the Eva 3.0 movie when Gold Bubble Clothing first launched with a pair of leggings in her iconic plugsuit colors. This was a pretty simple to put the rest of the cosplay together after that. I bought and styled a wig, and purchased a hat. I wanted to so bit more of a fashion type shoot than just a replication from the design from the movie. I guess you could call that creative freedom. 

I was super pleased to be able to shoot this with my friend and you can see the full gallery there below. 


Private shoot 2013 &2014, Katsucon 2015, AnimeExpo 2016


Mindfall Media, P Karpey Photography and Robbins Studios