Victorian Thor - Genderbend - Marvel Comics/Movies

For New York Comic Con 2013 my friends and I designed our own Victorian Era gowns. It was the perfect way for us to cosplay together for NYCC and to celebrate our love of Thor coming out the following month. Initially a small Avengers style group we ended up with Thor, Loki, and Iron(wo)man. 

I designed the dress and used historically accurate patterns from the late 1800's as used in the victorian era. It was a lot of fun for me translating Thor's original costume design (mostly based on the Avengers and Dark World move) into a different era. I wanted to keep the key elements of Thor's costume. Full details and write up of this costume will be posted soon! 


NYCC 2013, Katsucon 2016


Corey Hayes PhotographyEleventh Photograph, David Ng, P Karpey Photography, Eurobeat Kasumi Photography