Inara Serra - Firefly

Another cosplay I made for NYCC 2012 was Inara Serra for a Firefly group cosplay. Originally there was going to be an entire crew but due to things not in everyone's control we ended up with a ladies of Firefly group. Which I was just as happy to be a part of. 

The design I chose to go with was actually some concept art done by Josh Middleton. An artist I've been a fan of for a long time. In fact, I had some trouble choosing but, ultimately settled on his purple concept art because purple is awesome.

I was under some time constraints when making this and essentially patterned the entire outfit myself despite never really having done it before. Overall I am very happy with how this costume turned out though some of the details have not been added or were altered due to the materials I have access to at the time. I also made all her jewelry and accessories including hand making the tassel at her waist. Plus, I can always add more detail in the future.


NYCC 2012 & Katsucon 2013

Photos by:

Sweet Sensation Photography, Mindfall Media, and various unknown.


Art by Josh Middleton