Asuka - Original Lolita Design

I was lucky enough to have a friend of a friend express interest in designing some lolita dresses based on an anime characters usual clothes. After some suggestions she chose to base her designs on the plugsuits of Rei and Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I was more than pleased to receive some of her handwork. I was equally happy to get some lovely photos of this dress first with my friend Ng Master Photography as it deserves some great photos to be taken of it.

This is a costume that I love to bring out and wear when I get the chance. It is fantastic for summer cons and very comfortable for long convention days. 



Anime Expo 2016, AnimeOhayocon 2012, Private Shoot, AniMiniCon2012


David Ng & Lucid Visual Photography


Dress designed and made by Grey-Dinah