Mythical Princess Sereinty 

This costume is based on some fantastic fan art by Valendra! I came across this design a long while ago and thought it was really beautiful. I had been wanting to make an elaborate dress that would challenge me for a while and making the custom corset shape was something I wanted to take on. 

The under dress construction was pretty simple and based off some formal wear patterns. The corset is a custom pattern I made with steel boning and lace up back. The accessories are all made by me. The Staff is collab with a friend of mine who made the wood stick be able to be broken down into 3 parts. The black designs along with a small inner section for a light were 3D printed by Voxel Magic. Unfortunately, on my way to the con center a really strong gust of wind came and broke my Ginzuishou so it doesn't appear in any pictures except for one where I am holding the pieces. 


Katsucon 2016 


Mindfall Media, Dancing Squirrel Photography, Knightmare6, Sumifuko Photography