New 52 Batwoman

I really wanted to break into cosplaying from comics more. I love comics even if I don't cosplay a lot from my favorites. Batman and family have a special place in my heart always. I really like the new 52 Batwoman comic and followed it for a good while before it dropped off my radar for various reasons. For NYCC 2014 I wanted to be an awesome lady and Kate Kane was perfect. 

The build for this costume was pretty easy for me. I commissioned the bodysuit from Meredith Placko and the mask from Ravenwood Masks. I made the cape (also lined), belt/pouches, gloves and (eventually) the gauntlets that will attach to the gloves. The majority of this costume is pleather. It makes wearing it in the full heat of summer a pretty bad idea. Overall I am extremely happy with this costume and how I was able to put it together in the short timeframe that I had to finish this and two other costumes at the same time. 


NYCC 2014


Robbins Studios and Fine are, Knightmare6, Ramon Arizmendi Photography, Edgar bonifacio