Panel Summaries

This is a list of all the panels I am currently hosting or I have hosted in the past. This is one of my favorite things to do at conventions!

Photo by  Octography

Photo by Octography

Cosplay For Dummies

synopsis: Thinking about getting into cosplay? You’re in luck! Here's a beginner’s guide on how to start--whether you're buying a cosplay or making it on your own. Also learn how to use social networking sites to gain more knowledge of cosplay, make new friends, and link up with photographers. It’s all covered here!

Conventions: Springfest 2014, DerpyCon 2014, Castle Point Anime Convention 2015, Liberty City Anime Con 2016, Kogaracon 2017

Work It; Posing for Cosplay Workshop

synopsis: A guide for both cosplayers and photographers on how to capture the perfect cosplay photo. Learn how to identify your strengths and how to let them shine in a photo. Includes tips on posing, framing, and environment awareness for both sides of the camera.

Conventions: Springfest 2014, Liberty City Anime Con 2016, Kogaracon 2017

Making It Up; Creativity in Cosplay

synopsis: Looking to flex your creativity muscles in your next cosplay? Come expand your mind and discover new ways to express your nerd love. Learn about casual/closet costumes, DisneyBounding, and all about gijinka. Come see what it’s like to MAKE IT UP!

Conventions: Liberty City Anime Con 2016, Kogaracon 2017

Be Excellent To Each Other

synopsis: Conventions and Cosplay have only grown in popularity over the past several years. Access to the things that make us squeal is easier than ever in the real world and online. Safety is highly important in these spaces. Bullying is not uncommon. This panel is an open discussion of how to handle difficult situations that involve subjects like consent and bullying, and to present ways to handle those situations if you find yourself in them. This panel is intended as a "safe space" to talk about difficult issues. This is a sensitive subject and are dedicated to handling it appropriately. 

Conventions: Liberty City Anime Con 2016, Kogaracon 2017

Cosplay On A budget

Cosplay can be an extremely expensive venture if you're unsure of how to approach each task. Before you jump in head first, learn a few tricks of the trade to help keep your spending in check!

Conventions: Liberty City Anime Con 2016, Kogaracon 2017

Retired Panels

Writing Awesome Fan Fiction

Are your characters flat in all the wrong places? Worried the masterpiece you’ve been slaving over is really a big hot tub pile of Mary Sue shenanigans? Do you have trouble knowing where to put your climax? You’re in luck! We’ll dive into what makes not only a good fan fic, but also a good story. We’ll cover the basics (and not so basics) that every writer should know as well as the traps to look out for while working on your story. Join us for a fan fic-in’tastic good time!

Conventions: Ohayocon 2012, AnimeNEXT 2012

Intro to Copic Markers

Conventions: Ohayocon 2012, AnimeNEXT 2012

Manga Speed Tournament

Conventions: Ohayocon 2012, AnimeNEXT 2012

Rapid Fire Figure Drawing

Conventions: Ohayocon 2012, AnimeNEXT 2012