Princess Bubblegum; What Was Missing  - Adventure Time

I am a pretty big Adventure Time fan but have held of on doing any costumes from the show for a few reasons. There are so many great things about the show and as someone who likes to make costumes or put them together, it's fun to see the many different designs that come out of the show. 

A good friend of mine was shares a love of AT with me and it did not take much for use to want to cosplay PB and Marcie together. 

The episode "What Was Missing" is one of my favorites. 

Cosplaying at NYCC is something of a challenge. There is just so many people and if you are wearing something uncomfortable you're in for a bad time. This version of PB was perfect for me to wear in a crowded con center and have fun running around in. 

There is very little in the way of picture locations at the con so my Marcie and did an off site shoot with our photographer friend David. We chose to have a themed shoot and do a little picnic with PB and Marcie that was later called Adventure Time: What (Else) Was Missing.

Below is a selection of photos from that shoot. The full gallery can be found here. (With one picture from the con it self with PB's shirt which I wear all the time).


Private shoot & NYCC 2013


David Ng