Ritsu - K-On - Fuwa Fuwa Outfit

While I was still on my K-On kick I was able to take part in this super cute group based on the Fuwa Fuwa outfits/music video from the show.

I used a simplicity jump suit pattern and modded it to be the style that I needed. Like all rompers it is all or nothing when you get into it since it just one piece of clothing. The accessories are all handmade except for the headband and shoes. I was able to find exactly what I needed for that!

This was the first romper I ever made and there are some things I would do differently when modifying the pattern in the future. I’ve leveled up my sewing skills since then but I think this is still a super cute outfit and it was wonderful to be in the group.




Conpics.ws, Panicky Kitty