Sailor Lethe - Sailor Moon

On of my favorite minor characters from the Sailor Moon manga . This was my first cosplay that was made with help during a quick turnaround 2010. I had never made a costume before but wanted to wear something I knew could be done both quickly and well. I had the wig commissioned and nearly didn't get it in time thanks to the wonky USPS service in my neighborhood.  

I never did get any lovely pictures of this costume and it something I would love to do in the future. Maybe I will remake some parts of this in the future with the skills I've gotten over the past couple years.

I wore this cosplay at New York Anime Fest 2010 and during a local event I hosted at Forbidden Planet to celebrate the re-release of the Sailor Moon manga and the first time US release of Codename Sailor V.

Below are what few photos I have of this cosplay right  now.


New York Anime Fest 2010, FPNYC Sailorbration,