Bosozoku Sailor Moon

Based on some really fantastic fan art by Babs Tarr.  I had a lot of fun putting this costume together.

While most of the clothing  was bought, I did modify the vest. The vest isn't 100% done to me and I would like to put some more detail into the back of it.  I have only worn this costume twice. The first time I wore this was at New York Comic Con and then Anime Expo. I was excited to wear it at AX because I had done the art work for the tattoos and plenty of time to put them on without worrying to much about traveling to the con center. I would love to do more badass photos with this costume and maybe I will one day! 


New York Comic Con
Anime Expo


  • Cospix/DarkainMX
  • Knightmare 6
  • Edgar Bonifnico Photography