Sailor V

In case you haven’t heard I really love Sailor Venus so it was only a matter of time before I did Sailor V. I was so happy when the manga was reprinted. I wore this during a summer convention in southern California I made everything for this costume including adjusting the pattern for the under sleeves. I did it on a bit of a time crunch but overall I am very happy with how it turned out and would love to wear her again for more location photos.

Overall, Sailor V is a very comfortable costume to wear and I love the mask I was able to make too. It actually can balance on my face without extra help or adhesive. I used cottons for all the fabrics, made bias tape for my color trip, stripe on my sleeves and skirt. The moon is a resin piece I cast from a shape I made with ThermoMorph and then painted with gold paint. I did a similar one for my forehead which you can only see when the bangs are moved. This was my second experience making gloves and I learned a lot for the next time I need to make them. Gloves can be challenging to get a good fit. My Shoes (patent leather) were a white based that I removed the “finish” from (so the paint would take properly) and painted blue. My wig is from Epic Cosplay with bangs that I trimmed to frame my face better. It’s a super soft and silky wig. To condition it is sprayed with some Motions Hair Oil Spray to help keep it from tangling. I also kept a wide tooth comb with me to help with tangles throughout the day. Her mask is craft foam that I sealed and painted red.


Anime Expo 2017