Super Sailor Venus - Sailor Moon

For Ohayocon 2012 a friend and I decided to so Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus in their Super fuku version. I spent most of my time helping her with her cosplay (including Venus’s accessories too) and commissioned a good friend to make Venus for me so the costumes could be done at the same time. This gallery is photos from Ohayocon although I also wore this at I-Con 31 (march 30-april 1) too. A slightly updated version of this (better wig, hair bow, and broach) was also worn at Katuson 2013 and some new pictures were taken by Mindfall media.


Ohayocon 2012, Icon 31, Katsucon 19


Newer Photos by Mindfall Media
Pictures by Shannon (Super Sailor Moon) unless she is in it.