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Just An Average Nerd

I started Your Average Nerd so I could have a place to enjoy all the nerdy things I like to do AND to share it with anyone interested. Like a lot of ‘geeks’ or ‘otaku’ I started at a young age. My first love (and intro to all things anime) was Sailor Moon. From there I exposed to Cowboy Bebop, Inyuyasha, Outlaw Star and many many more. Other than anime I was a HUGE (and still am) Disney fan. Ariel was my fav!

I started cosplaying in 2009 while I was working for a bustling NYC comic shop (so you might call me a late bloomer), but don’t hold it against me! While there I came out of my low key geek shell and met lots of people interested in similar things. I really enjoyed making those friends and nerding out about movies and anime. 

This site lets me continue to do that while showcasing the cosplay I wear and create. I love making new friends and sharing my geeky experiences. And that’s what you will find here this site.

I attend as many conventions and events while working my full time job.  

Contact Me

If you would to contact me with questions, setting up a shoot or to get info about this site please send an email through this contact form.

What would you like to contact me about?

I also dabble in photography and will open up shoots at conventions I attend or to people in the NYC area. If you are interested in working with me you can contact me about my fees and how it works with the contact form. You can see more examples of my work here and on my account via the Cospix website. 

In addition to costumes I also sell handmade and specialty items. Usually done by request or commission the products I try to offer are unique and fun. Not always outwardly nerdy or obviously geeky, but great to add to your personal wardrobe or as a gift for the geek in your life. I decided that I wanted to share more of the things that I make and opening up a a humble little web store was the next step. 

The products here are simply the work of one very dedicated crazy nerd. A crazy nerd who loves to design and make things, and share them with others.

Getting inspiration from many places (my favorite things as a kid all the way to the things that make me fan girl today) the items found here are often made in small quantities, and are sometimes based on their demand. For more information on the shop visit the FAQ or send me an email!